Creative Educational Aids Learn ABC (28 Pieces) A perfect and fun way to strengthen knowledge of Alphabet by recognising and naming both printed uppercase and lowercase letters, linking them with picture objects that have the same beginning sounds and joining them in alphabetical order. The pack includes 28 extra-thick large pieces and 52 lovely Flash Cards to reinforce the knowledge of Alphabet by matching Uppercase Letters with Lowercase letters, matching letters with corresponding picture words beginning with the same sounds. While practicing activities with the help of the Activity Guide, children will develop and strengthen their Visual discrimination, eye-hand coordination and pre-reading skills.
  • Ages : 3 & Up
  • Product Code : 0726

Skills Developed:

  • Visual Discrimination.
  • Concentration.
  • Pre-Reading skills.
  • Letters of Alphabet and their sounds.
  • Skillset: Alphabet & Number Recognition, Problem Solving, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Sensory Development, Object Recognition

TheCreative Educational Aids Learn ABC (28 Pieces) set is a comprehensive educational tool designed to facilitate early childhood learning of the alphabet. Consisting of 28 pieces, this set offers a diverse range of interactive materials aimed at engaging young learners in a fun and effective manner.

Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to cater to various learning styles and preferences. From colorful flashcards featuring uppercase and lowercase letters to vibrant illustrations depicting objects corresponding to each letter, this set provides a multisensory approach to alphabet learning.

With its durable construction and engaging design, the Creative Educational Aids Learn ABC set is suitable for both individual and group learning environments, making it an ideal resource for classrooms, daycare centers, and home use alike.

Whether used for introducing letters to preschoolers, reinforcing letter recognition skills, or promoting early literacy development, this versatile set serves as an invaluable tool for educators, parents, and caregivers seeking to foster a love for learning in young children.

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